Shipping Schedule

Participants will be emailed a confirmation of their enrollment receipt and an invoice (if paying by Credit Card/EFT/Wire Transfer or Check) once the registration is received. Once enrolled in the program, subscribers will receive samples every six weeks starting in mid-February. Participants will receive information on logging into the Silliker Quickbase system for results entry at approximately the same time as the participant’s first samples are shipped. Results will be due four weeks from the day the samples are mailed out. The 2023 schedule is available here:

Series NumberSample Mailing DateResults Due Date
1February 8, 2023March 17, 2023
2March 8, 2023April 14, 2023
3April 5, 2023May 12, 2023
4May 17, 2023June 23, 2023
5June 28, 2023August 4, 2023
6August 9, 2023September 15, 2023
7September 20, 2023October 27, 2023
8November 1, 2023December 8, 2023