Frequently Asked Questions

When is payment due?

Either upon order completion or due before July 1st. If payment is not received by July 1st, we’ll need to cancel your order. Timely receipt of payment is critical so we keep this program revenue neutral.

What should a participant do once results are known?

Results should be entered into the Quickbase system.

Enter Results

Who should participate in the CCSP?

Facilities that make or use products from the corn refining industry would benefit from this program.

How can a facility sign up for the program?

To register for the program, participants should first click the “Place an Order” button above. Then select their Carbohydrate Sample from the options. At checkout, participants will be prompted to fill out a form indicating the sample requested. At that time billing and shipping addresses, payment information, and a valid email address are all required. Finally, participants can select their payment method (Credit Card/EFT/Wire Transfer or Check).

Please note: If your facility requires a purchase order, please be sure to include that Purchase Order Number in your order details.

What should a participant do with the samples?

Participants should conduct the tests listed on the results sheet mailed with the samples or provided in advance via email. All tests should be done using the Corn Refiners Association’s (CRA) Analytical Methods or other specified methods. Analytical Methods are available here on CCSP.

Where can I access the Analytical Methods?

Please look at our Analytical Methods Table of Contents page available on CCSP.

When are the results available?

Participants will receive an email when the aggregated results for a series are available online. In general, the reports become available shortly before the next series of samples are shipped.

Independent consultant Silliker Inc. administers the online results reporting and this is done on a strictly confidential basis to ensure there is no disclosure of individual company test results.