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What is the Carbohydrate Check Sample Program?

The CRA Carbohydrate Check Sample Program (CCSP) is designed for the corn refining industry and users of refined corn products. It allows laboratories testing corn wet-milled products to compare the precision of their testing methods with the performance of other labs doing the same types of analysis. Validation through a check sample program offers an important tool in maintaining analytical accuracy.

How does it work?

Subscribers can participate in any or all of the five check sample series listed below:

High Fructose Corn Syrup42, 55
Corn Syrup36DE, 42DE, 63DE, 40DE High Maltose
Corn StarchRegular, Acid Thinned, Bleached, Cationic
Co-ProductsWhole corn, 60% Corn Gluten Meal, Corn Germ Meal, 21% Corn Gluten Feed
Dry Maltodextrin5DE, 10DE, 18DE, 24DE Maltodextrin Corn Syrup

For each series, subscribers receive product samples (from a variety of refining companies) at regular intervals, analyze them according to an established series of tests, and report their results via an online website. A statistical report, based on all test results, is generated and made available to subscribers online so that they can compare their own results with aggregate laboratory performance.